Meet the Team

Cheralyn cheralyn

Cheralyn (a.k.a. The Tooth Fairy) is an RDH who has a passion for children with unmet dental needs. Her heart breaks every time she sees a child with a broken smile. As the Tooth Fairy, she travels to many schools throughout the Inland Empire, to visit classrooms and teach the children proper eating and oral hygiene habits. The kids and teachers love seeing the Tooth Fairy. Call her if you would like her to visit your school.

Diane diane

Diane knows how to make a child feel safe and at home: she’s “Mom” to four adult children and has two adorable grandsons! She loves answering parents’ and kids’ questions about treatment, hearing what’s new in everyone’s life, and sharing her own stories. Working in our front office, Diane will help you check in and out. She also handles insurance matters. Family is Diane’s passion; Jesus is her savior and life’s guide.

Gina gina

Gina’s warmth and joy makes every child and parent immediately feel welcome. She’s cheerful, friendly, and you to be part of her family. Gina and her husband have two grown daughters who’ve blessed them with seven wonderful grandchildren. For Gina, loving her family is her fulltime ministry, along with her strong faith in her savior, Jesus. You’ll meet Gina at the front desk, where she’ll greet you and your child, update your records, schedule visits, and answer questions about insurance.

Shawna shawna

Shawna is an RDA who also works as our receptionist. She loves becoming friends with our patients and their families and seeing smiles grow! In addition to answering the phones and scheduling appointments, Shawna will help you check out when your child is finished with their visits. Shawna is a mother of three daughters and knows exactly how to calm a worried child. She loves church, family, and Jesus!

Vanessa vanessa

Vanessa is full of life and energy. Her smile lights up the room and warms the hearts of everyone that walks in our office. Being a mom herself, and having worked at a pre-school for many years, she can relate well to young children and their mothers. Her beauty shines from within and will make your child feel at ease. We love our Vanessa, and you will too.

Vicki vicki

Victoria is always smiling and laughing with our patients. She’s a mother of two awesome kids and excels at supporting and encouraging even our most timid patients. Victoria is thrilled when she’s able to help a child overcome their worries and learn that this is a safe place to visit. As an RDA, Victoria will work closely with you and your child. She takes X-rays, performs cleanings, and assists Dr. Nichols during procedures.

Nancy Nancy

Nancy is an RDA with many years of experience working in children’s dentistry. A mother of three, she understands both a parent’s concerns and those of a kid. Always warm and reassuring, Nancy works as an assistant in our back office, supporting Dr. Nichols, her teammates, and keeping our patients smiling. She’s a newcomer to our practice and we’re thrilled to have her with us: you’ll see why when you meet her!

Jessica Jessica

Jessica’s greatest joy is being a mother to two wonderful kids. Her second greatest joy? Working with children at Just4Kids, helping each feel brave and excited about taking care of their smile! You and your child will meet Jessica in our clinic, where she’s one of our RDAs. She performs cleanings, takes X-rays, and helps Dr. Nichols with restorative procedures. Her focus is always on your child’s comfort and keeping them smiling while here.

Evelyn Evelyn

Evelyn works in our front office where she’ll welcome you and your child by name and with genuine smiles. She’s here to help you schedule appointments, update paperwork, and assist with billing matters. It’s often Evelyn who will answer your calls, too, and she’s always happy to answer your questions. As a mother of two, Evelyn knows how important it is for kids to grow up excited to care for their smiles and is happy to work in a positive office where we inspire children!

Christina Christina

Christina is a CDA who works in our clinic. She’s friendly, calm, and makes sure every patient feels safe and comfortable. In addition to sterilizing and setting up the treatment area, Christina works chairside, assisting Dr. Nichols while supporting their patient. She also takes digital X-rays and teaches children and parents about good home dental hygiene.

Melissa Melissa

Melissa is the mother of two teenage sons. She’s friendly, gentle, and is skilled at working with fearful children. Because she’s calm and patient, Melissa is help to help worried kids overcome their fears so they have wonderful visits! Working in the back office as an RDA, Melissa cleans teeth, takes X-rays, and assists Dr. Nichols chairside with patient care.

Kayla Kayla

Kayla loves meeting our new patients and their families. She enjoys learning what’s important to each child and being part of their life. For Kayla, seeing a child’s face light up with a clean, healthy, beautiful smile, makes her smile. Her goal is to make every child feel safe during visits and help them learn this is a happy, fun place. An RDA, Kayla assists Dr. Nichols as he cares for patients. She also takes X-rays and offers gentle cleanings.

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