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Dr. Nichols is passionate about creating positive dental experiences for children. Always ready with a warm smile and time for a chat, he thrives on his personal interactions with every person who walks through our doors.
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What Sets us Apart

Our goal is to make a visit to Just for Kids Pediatric Dentistry the highlight of your child’s day! By using positive reinforcement, easy-to-understand language, and compassion, your child will always leave our office with a big smile.

Welcome to Just for Kids Pediatric Dentistry

No office is as committed to excellence as Just 4 Kids Pediatric Dentistry. We specialize in dentistry for young smiles, which makes us uniquely able to meet the needs of young children in a fun, safe, encouraging, and family-friendly environment. Making sure your child receives the proper dental care when they are younger will help ensure a healthier smile for their entire life. 

Make Your Child's Smile Sparkle!

Since we have the most experience of any pediatric dental office in the Redlands area, you can trust that nobody cares more about your child’s health than we do!

  • Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Rick Nichols, believes that dental decay is a preventable disease, and with proper education and good oral hygiene and eating habits, a person can be cavity-free for a lifetime.
  • We provide comprehensive dental care for children of all ages, including examinations and cleanings, oral hygiene instruction, cavity risk assessments, digital radiographs, fluoride treatment, and restorative care. We offer both amalgam and tooth-colored restorations, as well as stainless steel and zirconia crowns. 
  • There are many dental-phobic adults in this world, mostly because they had bad experiences as a child. We believe that we can prevent that. Our staff creates a fun, non-threatening atmosphere in which we encourage children to take an active role in their dental health. We make it our mission to make boys’ and girls’ visits to our office the highlight of their day.
  • We want each child to learn that there is nothing to be afraid of when they come to the dentist. We work to build trusting relationships based on patience, compassion, and positive reinforcement with each little smile we see.

It’s never too soon to start your child on the road toward a future of good dental health. Please feel free to contact our Redlands, CA office and schedule an appointment for your little one today! We welcome patients from Yucaipa, Highland, and all surrounding California areas.

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